Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Personal Best Running Times

I think I’ve been officially bitten by the ‘Running Bug’ and want to take part in many more running events. I really like the long distance runs and hope to be able to do a 42km Marathon in 2009, but in the meantime as there are not many long distance events here in Sydney I’m going to do a few shorter runs and try to improve my running times.

My current best running times are:

6km: 28m (5 December 2008 - Training)
   5.6km: 28m (12 November 2008 - JPMorgan Chase)

10km: 53m (12 October 2008 - Brighton Beachside Dash)
21km: 2h 14m (21 September 2008 - Blackmores Half Marathon)

For those of you who are wondering how I plan my routes, I use Windows Live Maps and the very useful Collections tool to plan my route. Its benefits over other online mapping tools like Google maps is that you are able to plot your route ‘off-road’ as well (for example through parks, alleys etc) and it gives you a very accurate distance measurement. Other mapping tools do not let you plot ‘off-road’ routes, so even though I do prefer the usability of Google Maps in this case Windows Live Maps is the best tool for me.

Collections in Windows Live Maps

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