Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5.6km JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Before the run

I had 4 weeks to train for this and was determined to achieve a really fast time. Going into training my most consistent fastest time per km was 5m 30s and my goal was to bring that down as much as possible.

As I usually save most of my energy for the last leg or two of the race, I wanted to try something new for me and hit faster times for the initial part of the race, as this seems to be a good way to get faster overall times for shorter runs.

After the run

It was a great afternoon, hot and sunny and there were 7,494 people competing at this event (that’s a lot of people trying to run together in the short running path of Centennial Park). I ran with around 8 of my work colleagues and managed to get a time of 28m which works out to exactly 5m per km.

In retrospect, I feel I could have knocked off a few more minutes if I had started a bit further up the field but I finished strong and beat my personal best which is always my main goal.

Could not take any pics as my official photographers (close mates who I force this role upon :) did not come but here are a couple.

This creepy picture I took the day before the run when I went down to Centennial Park to familiarize myself with the course

My race number, time and finishers t-shirt

I’m looking forward to starting my ironman 70.6 triathlon training regime now, more on that soon :)

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