Friday, November 21, 2008

My Personal Best Cycling Times

Around 2 weeks ago I thought I'd mix up my fitness and endurance training and take up cycling, i also want to get into Triathlons next year so it was the logical way to go. I bought my first road bike, a Cell Team Shimano 105 and have started putting in cycling training sessions 1 to 2 times a week.

My current best cycling times are:
(I'm going to maintain a complete history so I can see how the far i've come :)
14km: 45m (22 November 2008 - Training - 4 rounds of 3.7km)
22km: 60m (29 November 2008 - Training - 6 rounds of 3.7km)
29km: 1h 20m (06 December 2008 - Training - 8 rounds of 3.7km)
33km: 1h 30m (13 December 2008 - Training - 9 rounds of 3.7km)
37km: 1h 40m (20 December 2008 - Training - 10 rounds of 3.7km)
44km: 1h 50m (10 January 2009 - Training - 12 rounds of 3.7km)

It an expensive sport to get into as you need to purchase and maintain all the gear, but it is very rewarding and hopefully i can take part in a few events before attempting any Triathlons in 2009.

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