Friday, January 2, 2009

Triathlon Brick Training

As part of my training for my first half Ironman triathlon goal for 2009 I have started doing Brick training which is basically training for two disciplines during the same workout. I will be doing bike/run and swim/bike Brick sessions. Here are my personal best Brick session timings.

Bike/Run Bricks

22km Cycle (6 rounds) & 7.5km Run (2 rounds) : 1.50m (31 December 2008 (1 round = 3.7km)

Swim/Bike Bricks

Update 17/10/2010:
I just read this today after almost 2 years and i'm still strugging with the swims, but i will keep trying and not give up. My latest post on swimming is here with a program I am now following -

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