Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Sport Diets – Running – Diet 1

Used for events:
10km Bondi Barefoot Softsand + Bolt Runs

Used for following reasons:
  1. I did a very long run 5 days before the actual event and had very bad muscle cramps and tissue damage
  2. I wanted to build my up energy reserves for what I knew would be a high energy consuming run

What I was hoping this diet would do:
This diet was aimed at helping my muscles and tissue recover (high carb, protein and antioxidants) and also boost my energy reserves.

Diet Details

Foundation of Diet:
Week leading to run, eat more -
Carbs: At least 500g per day
Protein: At least 110g per day

1 Glass Grape fruit juice
1 Bowl oats
1 Banana

2 Fish oil tablets
1 Mega Men Multivitamin tablet

Horleys protein shake

Chicken sandwich with brown bread
Half chicken with pasta
Streak and pasta

1 No-sugar electro drink
1 Coffee

1 Steak + 2 Whole grain toasts
Boiled Broccoli and greens
1 Handful berries (blueberry, cranberry or blackberry)

2 Fish oil tablets
1 Mega Men Multivitamin tablet