Sunday, October 4, 2009

Muay Thai Grading - Yellow Singlet

I’ve been meaning for a couple of months to post about this and finally got to it. I recently did my first Muay Thai grading with the Fiterite Gym in blacktown. I am very proud to have achieved this and hope it will be the first of many grading to come and singlets to work towards.

It was around 45 mins of being judged on the following:
  • Warm up and stretch routine
  • Gladiator workout (a continuous routine of various pushups and sit-ups)
  • Shadow boxing
  • Pad work with pouch combos
  • Boxing sparring

My fitness, strength and technique were my plus points but I was told to use my hips more is punching to gain more power and to stop dropping my hands during sparring and combos as I seem to drop my hands now and then which is a bad habit and leaves your face open to punches.

Here are a few pics my of singlet and certificate.

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