Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Marathon – Part 3 – After the Race

As soon as I crossed the finish line I caught up with my Mom (Who had flown down from India to see me) and remember feeling great after that. I was not tired at all, I was sore but I felt I could run around 10km at least.

One thing I did do wrong was that in the 2 weeks prior to the race, I cut down my running as I was afraid I’d injure myself. Because of this, on race day I found myself 3kg over than when I was training full-on. So basically I put on 3kg in 2 weeks, which is quite scary when you think about it.

But 3 weeks on (as I’m writing this) I do think about the time during the race my mind was asking me “What’s next after the marathon?” and I can only think of one response, and that is; “Its no pointing worrying about what’s next?, so long as I know that there will be a another goal soon and I have that to look forward to”.

Here is the offcial race video of me at the 21km mark

Here is the offcial race video of me finishing

Here is a video my good friend put together:

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