Monday, February 22, 2010

10,000 Sit-ups in 30 Days

As mentioned in my last post, I’m still not going to be able to do anything physical for around 2-3 more weeks, but I really want to set a new goal and aim for it during my recovery stage. I’ve been busting my brain trying to work out a realistic goal that I can attempt without making my injury worse and I think I’ve got it. It’s not a crazy goal but I believe it’s going to be challenging for me and it should help me get back some core strength to start running and getting back into full training again.

I'm going to attempt to do 10,000 sit-ups in 30 days. This works out to around 333 sit-ups a day and based on the extra weight around my tummy these days, it should be a big challenge :)

I’ll try to break up by my sit-up routine to include various styles of sit-ups but I’ll be aiming to follow this style as much as possible.

My Progress:

Start: 22 February 2010

Week 1: 1 March 2010
Number of sit-ups completed - 645

Week 2: 8 March 2010
Number of sit-ups completed - 1185 -
After 2 weeks i'm way behind, Its not as easy as i thought but i'm going to keep pushing it :)

Week 3: 15 March 2010
Number of sit-ups completed -

End: 22 March 2010
Total number of sit-ups completed -


newbreedofgeek said...

Well, I’m sad to say that after my last update i could not find the motivation to finish this goal, which was very sad for me but is further evidence that "motivation without passion" will never last. i.e, I guess I didn’t have enough passion to finish this goal, which resulted in me not having the motivation :(

Anonymous said...

i've done it in around 9 hours in one day which i have that time to useso 10,000 in 30 days is easy it could be done in less then half a day if you bring lunch with you to stop eat situps so 1000 at once rest a little than go again i dont know why people say its hard might just be me but i have always been good when it came to doing lots of these

Bobi Fisher said...

you said f it huh