Tuesday, August 10, 2010

14km Sydney City2Surf

I completed my first Sydney City2Surf yesterday with a time of 1h 23m (83m). It was an amazing experience with 80,000 runners taking part in the “largest fun run in the world”. There were so many people at the start line and I had to line up for more than 40 mins with the Blue group to get going, after which the roads were jam packed with runners for at least the first 3 kms.

At around the 6km mark, we hit the start of “Heartbreak Hill”, prior to the run I heard many stories about how gruesome this hill was so I was ready for it. It was almost a constant 2km uphill climb which just kept going on and on, it’s a real mental test and I was impressed at the amount of people who kept running. I really enjoyed the climb myself :) (what can i say, I like pain)

Towards the end of the run at around the 12km mark, i realised that I had way too much energy left and wanted to start sprinting to the finish to try and improve my time, but clearly many other runners had the same idea and there was absolutely no room left on the road to dash through the crowds. I then jumped on the sidewalks and started running hard, this proved to be a costly mistake as I rolled my ankle pretty bad with around a 1km to go. I was able to finish the run without any major pain but today my ankle is all stiff and swollen.

With 3 weeks to go until Perth Marathon, my focus now is to get my ankle back to shape and put in at least one more week of heavy running.

more unflattering race finish photos :)

I finished 19,432 out of 80,000 runners

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