Sunday, October 17, 2010

Extreme Beginner Triathlon Swimming

I'm been trying for a very long time to get started with triathlons but have not been able to find the motivation to keep up with a regular training program. In the past I've started a few training regimes but almost always slipped away from the programs after a few months.

The main reason for this being that my swimming skills are really very poor and i find it very hard to drag myself to a pool and put in a good workout. I am very much a 'land' person and feel very awkward in the water, so I eventually end up giving up on my swimming training sessions and put in a long run instead.

But after all the previous failed attempts of trying to swim well enough to compete in a triathlon I have decided to try again. I love running, and also really like cycling and I have to keep pushing myself in the swim department cause I really do have a passion for triathlons and I know when you have a strong passion for something, anything is possible.

As I don't have the time these days to join a swim class, I spent some time and did some research and drafted this swimming program which I have started following already.

My Program Name:
Extreme Beginner Triathlon Swimming

Sessions Per Week:
2 - 3 (The more the better as the key if to get 'comfortable and relaxed' in the water). Each session should be a minimum of half hour.

End Goal:
To be able to freestyle swim 250m (10 Laps in 25m pool) after which I can take part in an Enticer Distance triathlon which is a 250m Swim followed by a 10km Cycle ride and 2.5km Run.

Note: I am able to comfortably swim in breast stroke style so I use that for warm up and warm down, but as I get better with freestyle I will warm up/down in relaxed freestyle instead which is the ideal situation.

Warm Up (60 second rest between laps)
- 25m X 2 laps - Breast Stroke
- 25m X 2 laps - Kicking Drill (
For now I just do the "basic stomach facing" down kicking drill and put my head under water instead of keeping it above water.

Skill Refresher: (60 second rest between laps)
For now do only one of these skill drills per session, dont try to do each one at each session as it will be too much to focus on. But as I get comfortable I will try to do each one during each session.

- 25 X 2 - Front Back Body Balance (

- 25 X 2 - Side Body Balance (

- 25 X 2 - Six Beat Switch (

- 25 X 2 - Catch Up Drill (

Main set: (60 second rest between laps)
This is the main freestyle swim practice and I will aim to increase the laps by one after each week of training. e.g. If i do 2 laps (50m) in the first week then the next week I will do 3 laps (75m) and so on.

- 25 X 2 Freestyle Swim

Warm Down: (60 second rest between laps)
- 25 X 2 Breast Stroke Swim

Other things i will try:
1) I'm going to purchase some flippers as well and use them on my Skill Refresher sets so I can focus on technique.
2) Once i get better, i will cut down the time I rest between laps.
3) I really believe that the best way to improve in swimming (for me anyway) is put just put in as many hours as I can in the pool, and that's what I'm going to focus on.

So the road (water :P) to my first Triathlon is going to be a long and hard one, but I'm certain the journey is going to be worth the destination.. the finish line of my first Triathlon.

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