Monday, November 28, 2011

8km Sri Chinmoy Cooks River Run

I had a fun 8km run over the weekend at the Sri Chinmoy Cooks River Run held near my old suburb at Hurlestone Park. I didn't know what the route would be and when I rocked up for the run at 7am in the morning I was very excited because I realized that I had run that route many times when I lived in Hurlestone Park, in fact it was the same route I used almost very day when I trained for my first Half Marathon.

The race was very well organsied as all Sri Chinmoy runs are and I enjoyed every minute and second of the 44m 38s it took me complete it. I'm not a fast runner but I was very happy with this pace.

My next run will the the Sri Chinmoy Centannial Park 14km run in a weeks time and hope I can score a good time in that as well.

That's not all sweat, I poured water on my face at the 6km mark

I was fifth from last this time, and my name is now "Mark Pack" :)

And here is my Garmin Data:

I'm still not nearly as fit as I want to be and hope to keep these runs going until I'm ready for another marathon.

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