Sunday, December 18, 2011

14km Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Cross Country Run

I ran my first Cross Country Run around a week back and it was a brilliant course. The weather was a bit on the hot side but in the end I managed to pull through comfortably although my time was not as fast as I wanted.

I'm starting to really like running off track now and have even started to incorporate cross country running into my weekly training runs. I also find that running on grass and soil is much less demanding on the knees and legs.

Some random pics from the start of the race.

I'm the dude towards the back with the green t-shirt and white cap

Looking down at the ground and thinking to myself "man, this is the life"

My timing

And here is my Garmin Data:

Well, looks like that's the end of my 2011 running season. I'm disappointed I was not able to do my annual marathon this year but at the same time I'm happy I did not do one for the sake of doing it. In 2012 I want to get fitter and take my Marathon training to the next level and aim for some better speeds as well as possibly doing two Marathons in the bid to make up for not doing one this year :)

Happy running!

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